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"Dobby is Free" Socks

"Dobby is Free" Socks

"Dobby is Free" Socks

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Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin – whichever house you have been sorted into, you probably loved Dobby the elf as much as the next Potterhead.

It was also highly likely that you were absolutely devastated when (Spoiler Alert!) your favourite elf didn’t make it till the very end of the series.  

This pair of “Dobby Is Free” Socks might just help you get over your grief.

  • “Master has given Dobby a sock… Dobby is free.” – Simply put on this pair of socks and relive the memorable and emotional scene as you pay tribute to your beloved house elf.
  • A comfortable Potterhead is a happy Potterhead! – These one-size-fits-all cotton socks are bound to keep your feet warm and snug as you binge-watch the entire Harry Potter series again.
  • 4 different designs available! – Regardless of your favourite colour or pattern, there is a perfect pair for every Potterhead out there, including you!

    The Harry Potter series might have ended, but your love for Dobby (and the series) does not have to end!

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