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Looking for the perfect gift that meets all criteria of your prankster-high standards? Browse through our collection and you will definitely find the perfect item that will make everyone burst into laughter!

Luxury Furry iPhone Case

$16.95 USD $24.95 USD

Stylish Beauty Kit Mug

$19.95 USD $24.95 USD

Magic Mass

$15.95 USD

Cigarette Lighter Watch

$49.95 USD $69.95 USD

Gun Ice Cube Tray

$14.95 USD

LED Clock Fan

$19.95 USD

Useless Box

$29.95 USD

Fashionable Hair Dryer Mug

$19.95 USD $24.95 USD

Gravity Night Lamp

$34.95 USD

Ceramic Kitty Cup

$24.95 USD

LED Cup Mat Holder

$19.95 USD

Color Changing Mug

$19.95 USD

Dino-Rawr Mug

$24.95 USD

Chic Hair Brush Mug

$24.95 USD

Edgy Skull Pistol Mug

$24.95 USD $29.95 USD

Glass Skull Mug

$14.95 USD