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360 Rotatable Kitchen Tap

360 Rotatable Kitchen Tap

360 Rotatable Kitchen Tap

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Make your dishwashing experience more enjoyable with the 360 Rotatable Kitchen Tap

Gone are the days when you have to content yourself with washing something in your sink at the same exact spot all the time! 

When you install this rotatable tap, you can control the direction of the water stream any which way you like. You are definitely on your way to a whole new dishwashing experience with this product! 

Features and Benefits 

  • 3 Spray Modes - The 3 modes namely, Jet, Jet + Shower, and Shower will let you have full control of the strength of the water stream. 
  • 360 Degrees Rotation - Lets you point the water stream wherever you need it. 
  • Easy-To-Install - Anyone can install it and it is generally suitable for most round taps. 

Don’t forget that this kitchen tap can also help you with your monthly water bill, for it can bring down water consumption by up to 70%! 

Add this to your cart now and enjoy an effortless dishwashing experience soon! 


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