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3D Art Magic Printer

3D Art Magic Printer

3D Art Magic Printer

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Does your child get tired of their toys easily and constantly pester you for new ones?

Wouldn't it be amazing if they could just make a new one whenever they want without having to spend a penny?

Make your dreams become a reality with this 3D Magic Art Printer!

  • Perfect introduction to art! - Allow your child to express their creativity and try their hand at making their own toys while making their imagination become reality!
  • Easy to use! - Simply use the gel to create your design on the mould, pop it into the 3D Magic Art Printer and your 3D masterpiece will be ready!
  • Safe to use! - The Printer is only hot enough for the product to be dried, so you don't have to worry about your child sticking their hands into the printer and getting burnt

With this 3D Magic Art Printer, you can finally help your child bring their imagination to reality!

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Size: 8.86 x 6.10 x 4.72 inches

Material: PP

Package includes: 1 x 3D Magic Art Printer, 1 x Modifying Pen, 4 x Pen, 10 x Model Sheets

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