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3D Baby Casting Kit

3D Baby Casting Kit

3D Baby Casting Kit

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Ten years down the road, your baby’s precious hands and feets are not going to be as tiny and adorable as they are today. And you might not be able to vividly remember how adorable they were.

With this 3D Baby Casting Kit, you will be able to make a replica of your baby’s hands and feet.

Allowing you to remember every tiny details of your little one’s hands and feets even ten years later.

This cast is going to be a tangible memory of yours that will last you a lifetime!

Letting your memories become tangible:

  • This plaster mold allows you to reproduce an exact copy of your baby’s hands and feet in a 3-dimensional cast
  • Precision - The rubber mold is capable of capturing every tiny details like the lining your baby’s toenails, or fingernails, or footprints, and even the wrinkles
  • The product is 100% biodegradable, assuring you the material of the plastic mold is toxic and allergen free, making it absolutely safe to use it on your baby’s delicate skin
  • With only 4 easy steps to follow, making the cast will be fuss-free
  • Every cast that has been made will be the only piece in the whole wide world

    With this 3D Baby Casting Kit, you are able to have a tangible memory of your baby’s hands and feet forever. This is going to be an extremely sentimental gift for you or any parents!

    Get ready for a great bonding session together with your baby as you make a mold out of his/her hands and feet when you add this to your cart now!


    Usage Instructions: 

    Note: The bigger bag of powder contains the Molding Powder. The smaller bag contains the Plaster.

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