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3D Cosmic Sticker

3D Cosmic Sticker

3D Cosmic Sticker

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Always dreamed of being an astronaut and taking off into space?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could indulge in cosmic vibes in the comfort of your own room?

Blast off into space with this 3D Cosmic Sticker!

  • Galaxy lover's dream - Simply paste it on your wall or floor and create an optical extension into space!
  • 3D effect - Enjoy the illusion of falling through the gap and into outer space from your room, so it feels like you can just jump into another universe!
  • Easy to apply! - Simply peel off the back sticker and smooth the cosmic sticker out on the ground!

With this 3D Cosmic Sticker, you can finally busk under the stars and planets in your own bed!

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Dimensions: 36 x 34 inches / 65.99 x 109.14 cm

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