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60-Second Salad Maker

60-Second Salad Maker

60-Second Salad Maker

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Always wanted to join in on the health movement but are just too lazy to do so? 

What if one set of equipment is all you need to create the perfect salad? 

Make salad making a breeze with this 60-Second Salad Maker!

  • Easy to use! - Simply place all your vegetables or fruits into the bowl, cover the lid, and follow the guide slits to chop up all your ingredients! 
  • Multi-functional! - This Salad Maker can also be used as a colander to wash your ingredients before adding them into the salad! 
  • Shake it up! - After you're done washing and chopping up your salad ingredients, simply give the entire Salad Maker a good shake, and your salad will be well-mixed and good to go! 

With this 60-Second Salad Maker, all you need is one minute to make the perfect salad!

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Color: Green 

Material: PP 

BPA Free

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