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Adjustable Healing Back Brace

Adjustable Healing Back Brace

Adjustable Healing Back Brace

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Material: Tourmaline
Size (Length):
M: 105 cm / 41.34 inches
L: 109 cm / 42.91 inches
XL: 113 cm / 44.49 inches


  1. Wipe the brace with a wet cloth to get a better effect.
  2. Wrap the back brace around the affected region.
  3. Adjust the tightness accordingly.

Suitable for:

  • People with health problems such as protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, sciatica and/or lumbar hyperosteogeny. 
  • People with sedentary lifestyles (eg. drivers, office workers)
  • Athletes

Important to Note: 

  1. Pregnant women and children should not use this product.
  2. Do not use this product if you have a high fever or skin injury.
  3. Not recommended for people with skin allergies, skin temperature sensory disturbance or acute soft tissue impairment.
  4. Not for use for those with fitted heart pacemaker, metal stents or other electronic devices in the body.
  5. For patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other diseases, please use with caution under the guidance of doctors.

Maintenance & Care:

  1. Keep in a dry and ventilated place.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  3. Avoid ironing.
  4. Clean with a wet cloth and gently rub, do not immerse in water.
  5. Keep away from ore iodide products & magnetic fields.
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