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Adjustable Travel Pillow

Adjustable Travel Pillow

Adjustable Travel Pillow

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Travelling on a long journey often involves being in the same position and getting stiffness and aches.

And if you try and sleep for a while you end up with a crooked neck.

Your long-term posture and body alignment will get worse the longer that you travel.

Most travel pillows are designed in a fixed shape to support your neck.

These are great in some instances, but getting them in exactly the right place can be difficult.

And their use is limited to being a neck support.

This Adjustable Travel Pillow is easy to use! 

  • Cushion is made from a filled tube which can be shaped and curved to suit you where-ever you are resting
  • Can be used as a neck support, lumbar support, foot-rest, head-rest and more
  • Cushion is filled with small polystyrene beads which adjust and mould to the shape of your head, back, feet, as required
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • The pillow ends have long straps attached with easy to fasten catch, so that you can secure the pillow around your waist or where needed

For relief on long journeys or just to rest your weary legs at the end of a day, these adjustable travel support pillows are a great choice.

Improve your posture and comfort by buying these support pillows now.


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