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Adorable Baby Sleeping Bag

Adorable Baby Sleeping Bag

Adorable Baby Sleeping Bag

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Have you ever woken up to find your baby sleeping face down on their belly and had to flip them back onto their backs frantically?

Wouldn't it be so much more comforting if you knew that there was no way your baby would be able to turn onto their stomach, and would be able to sleep peacefully and safely?

Put your mind and baby at ease with this Adorable Baby Sleeping Bag!

  • Prevent tossing and turning! - As your baby's movement is restricted throughout the night, they will not be able to flip onto their stomachs and risk suffocating themselves
  • Ultimate comfort - This cotton sleeping bag will ensure that your baby has a comfortable night's rest while not feeling stuffy or hot during their snooze
  • Simply adorable! - These sleeping bags are shaped as starfish and whales, so you can gush at your baby's cuteness while they snooze!

With this Adorable Baby Sleeping Bag, you can put your mind at ease while your baby sleeps once again!

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