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Adorable Bunny Sippy Cup

Adorable Bunny Sippy Cup

Adorable Bunny Sippy Cup

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Has your baby ever tried to push away their sippy cup during feeding time?

Or perhaps, your baby just can’t seem to be able to hold up their sippy cup by themselves?

If your answer to those questions are ‘ Yes’, this Adorable Bunny Sippy Cup is exactly what you need!

  • Adorable design! - Your baby will be highly engaged and comfortable during feeding so they won’t struggle of push you away!
  • Retractable cover! - The cover ensures that the straw is safely contained when not in use to maintain hygiene and cleanliness!
  • Dual-handle design - Your baby will be able to securely grasp the two hand grips and hold the bottle up by themselves so you won’t have to do it for them!

With this Adorable Bunny Sippy Cup, feeding time will not be a nightmare anymore!

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Material: PC + Silicone
Color: Blue, Yellow
Volume: 240ml
Weight: 119g
Size: ( L x W ) 16.5 X 13 cm / 6.5 x 5.12 inches (include handle)       
Includes straw and spout
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