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Adorable Corgi Succulent Pot

Adorable Corgi Succulent Pot

Adorable Corgi Succulent Pot

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We all know that feeling of missing our little corgi puppy while we’re away at work.

But… What if you could bring your fluffy loaf of bread to work as well?

Okay, maybe you can’t exactly do that…

But we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

  • A touch of your pup around you! - Wherever you can’t actually bring your pup too, you can definitely plant a succulent! And where else, than in an adorable corgi pot?
  • Perfect for tiny home plants! - Plant any succulent in the back of the corgi or in its little watering pot and watch it grow on your desk!
  • No more missing your pup! - Well not exactly… But this will definitely make you a teensy bit better during that 9 hour long (or maybe even longer) separation!

With this Adorable Corgi Succulent Pot, you can grow tiny succulents around your home and office in the cutest way possible!

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