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Agate LED Night Lamp

Agate LED Night Lamp

Agate LED Night Lamp

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In this hectic and fast-paced world, our minds are often filled with tension, negativity and even anger. It's time to banish these harmful emotions and immerse ourselves in a relaxing environment instead.

Did you know that Agate tones and strengthens our body and mind? Not only that, it also imparts a sense of strength and courage while enhancing creativity and stimulating intellect!

Made from a beautiful slice of natural polished agate, this stunning night lamp emits a gentle, soothing, and relaxing glow.

  • Delicate Patterns - Soft light from this lamp emphasizes the delicate patterns and enchanting colors of this amazing stone
  • Helps ease joint problems - Agate is a strong protective stone which provides inner strength and brings peace, helping to ease joint and mobility problems including back and shoulder aches!
  • Multi-color - One lamp, 5 different colors, ensuring that you will always be in awe of this gorgeous piece!
  • Uniqueness - each piece may differ in sizing or shape

Whether you're a working adult, student or even a stay at home parent, this beautiful Agate LED Night Lamp will surely do wonders for you!

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  • Material: Natural Agate Slice 
  • Size: Appox. 8 cm - 10 cm / 3" - 4"
  • Weight: 220g / 0.48 pounds
  • USB Cord Length: 150 cm / 59"
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