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Alien Earrings

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Do you remember how the Alien vs Predator movie got you sitting on the edge of your seat?

Or perhaps, are you still impressed by the amazing CGI involved throughout the entire movie?

Create an amazing illusion of your own with these Alien Earrings!

  • Perfect for every AVP fan! - Available in 5 different colours ranging from a harsh black to a soft rose gold, you will definitely find one for yourself or your AVP loving best friend!
  • Bring the movie to life! - Just like how the aliens breeded via humans, create the illusion of an alien hooked into your ear with these Alien Earrings!
  • No weight! - These intricately designed metal earrings are very lightweight despite its size! No one should have to endure pain for fashion!

You might have to wait quite a while more (or even forever) for the next movie, but the series can still be a part of your life now with these Alien Earrings!

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