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Animal Baking Mould

Animal Baking Mould

Animal Baking Mould

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Ever bought what you thought was the perfect baking mould only to produce five trays of adorable puppy-shaped cakes before lifting a sixth tray of puppy mutants out of the oven?

Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to have that one reliable baking tray that will give you a zoo’s worth of irresistible animal-shaped desserts?

Fulfil your baking dreams with this Animal Baking Mould!

  • Highly durable -  You can use it again and again to produce perfectly moulded bear, lion and hippo desserts!
  • Made of silicone – This flexible material will allow you to easily pop out your baked goods, without having to rip off that poor lion’s face
  • Intricate design – This carefully designed baking mould can be easily filled by your batter, so that your baked goods will pop out looking just like the adorable animals in the mould
  • Easy to clean – Simply wash it under the sink or pop it into the dishwasher, and the mould will be clean and ready for use again

With this Animal Baking Mould, you will never have to buy another one again!

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Material: Silicone

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