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Animal Flash Drive

Animal Flash Drive

Animal Flash Drive

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Do you constantly find yourself having to rummage through that collection of similar looking flash drives just to find the right one with the files you need?

Won’t it just be perfect if you had a flash drive that can be easily differentiated from the rest?

This Animal Flash Drive is the answer to all your problems!

  • Small but big – These small and portable Flash Drives can hold up to 32GB of data (that is up to 20000 jpeg images!)
  • There’s one for everyone – With four different designs and four different capacities available, you will definitely be able to find the perfect one that suits your every need
  • Adorable and functional – You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for function! You can finally have a cute flash drive that actually works!

With this Animal Flash Drive, your storage device will never have to be plain and boring ever again!

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