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Arch Support Feet Pads

Arch Support Feet Pads

Arch Support Feet Pads

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Familiar with the sore and dull ache in the balls of your feet after a long standing shift at work?

And despite the pain, you just have no choice but to show up again the next day!

Put an end to that unnecessary suffering with these Arch Support Feet Pads!

  • Unparalleled Support! - These feet pads provide additional support for your feet, maintaining the arch, and absorbing the impact of each step you take! 
  • Easy to wash! - Simply rinse them with soap and water, and they are good to go!
  • Wear it whenever you want! - Simply slide them on before putting on your shoes, or wear them around the house - there’s never a bad time to wear them!
  • Comfortable cushioned support - The soft, padded pads act as shock absorbers that support and cushion your feet - so you won’t have to deal with aching feet again!

Your feet deserve a spa day too, so get these Arch Support Feet Pads today!

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Material: Cotton, Fabric
Package Includes: 1 pair x Arch Support Feet Pads


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