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Astronaut Pet Backpack

Astronaut Pet Backpack

Astronaut Pet Backpack

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This is not your typical backpack.

This is a backpack for your furry friends - yes, your cat or dog!

Just like how you can always count on your pet for comfort and love, now you can literally count on your pet to have your back with this Astronaut Pet Backpack!

This backpack is designed entirely for both you and your furry friend:

  • With its double straps, the backpack helps to economize your carry effort ensuring even distribution of weight on both of your shoulders rather than straining only one shoulder
  • Made out of high grade oxford fabric on the outer side, canvas on the surroundings of the breathable mesh panels, and lastly, high density acrylic for the semi-sphere; guaranteeing you that the backpack is of top quality
  • The semi-sphere of the backpack ensures absolute safety by preventing your pet from falling or escaping, without compromising on the your pet’s adventure to interact and observe the outside world
  • Maximum accessibility and ventilation - with the mesh panels at the top and sides, it assures you that your pet will get sufficient air supply, and the ability to still smell the outside world
  • The entire backpack is washable, allowing you to disinfect and clean it anytime you want

Cats and dogs are both curious in nature, always seeking to explore new territory. And as pet owners, it is your responsibility is to ensure that your pet gets the best quality of life!

It is time to bring your pet out of your homes and join you for more fun adventures together.

Hurry add this to your backpack and start giving your pet the best life it will ever have!


Backpack Size - 32 x 25 x 38 cm

Transparent Cover Inside Size - 15.5 cm, 3mm thick

Material - Canvas

Suited for dogs up to 5kg, and cats up to 6.5kg

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