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Automatic Transform Dog-Car

Automatic Transform Dog-Car

Automatic Transform Dog-Car

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Having trouble finding the perfect toy for your child to keep their eyes away from the screen?

Or tired of having to constantly replace the batteries of those mechanised toys you already have at home?

Look no further with the Automatic Transform Dog-Car!

  • No more batteries! – When it stops moving, simply wind the toy up again and it is good to go! You will never have to run down to the shops to get a battery for a toy ever again!
  • Easy to use! – Your child can wind the toy up on his or her own so you won’t ever have to drop what you are doing to get the toy moving
  • It’s basically two toys in one! – Tired of the car? Transform it into a dog! Your child will never get sick of it!
  • Small, light and portable - At a mere 115g, you can easily toss the toy into a bag to keep your child distracted in long car rides or restaurants
  • 4 colours available! – No matter what colour your child likes, there will definitely be the one perfect dog-car for them!

With this Automatic Transform Dog-Car, you might never have to step into another toy store again!

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Material: Plastic (ABS)

No batteries required

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