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Automatic Watering Bird

Automatic Watering Bird

Automatic Watering Bird

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Ever returned from a long, well-deserved vacation only to find that your plants are all dried up, droopy, or dead?

Doesn’t it break your heart to see that all your hard work has gone to naught just because you left your plants alone for a few days?

Travel with peace of mind with this Automatic Watering Bird!

  • Easy to use! - Simply fill the globe up with water and insert it into the soil, and your plants will be kept hydrated and well!
  • Leave your plants for up to a week! - The water in the globe is sufficient to keep your plants watered for a week, so we you can leave it with peace of mind.
  • Versatile! - Ideal for potted plants, house plants, patio plants, hanging plants or even in the garden, rest assured that your house will still be alive with greenery when you return.

With this Automatic Watering Bird, you will never have to worry about leaving your plants unattended ever again!

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Length: 10 inches

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