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Automotive Clip-On Sun Visor

Automotive Clip-On Sun Visor

Automotive Clip-On Sun Visor

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Ever felt blinded by the low winter sun or even the headlights of oncoming cars on the road?

That momentary glare can take your attention off the road, and will put you and your fellow passengers in danger!

This Automotive Clip-On Sun Visor is just what you need to make every ride safe!

  • Anti-glare! - Combats glare from oncoming vehicles, enhancing visual clarity and ensuring a safe ride for you and your passengers
  • Reduce visual fatigue - This Sun Visor relaxes your eyes which prevents vertigo (a symptom that occurs when exposed to high light stimulation for extended periods of time)
  • Day and Night Visor! - The day visor blocks of UV rays and reduces the sun glare while the night visor softens the glare from the headlights of oncoming cars

With this Automotive Clip-On Sun Visor, every car ride will be a safe one!

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Material: PVC

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