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Baby Carrier Hoodie

Baby Carrier Hoodie

Baby Carrier Hoodie

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Have you ever seen a baby joey in a kangaroo’s pouch? It is absolutely adorable!

The joey stays in its mother’s pouch for its first year and is being protected by being in it.

Likewise, every mother’s innate instinct is to protect her child.

With our Baby Carrier Hoodie, you will be able to do that because...

  • With its pouch, you will be able to take care of your newborn conveniently and he/she will never be out of your sight!
  • You can practically hug your newborn anytime you’re wearing this hoodie, keeping your heart and newborn warm at all times
  • Attachable pouch - allowing it to be both fashionable and practical as you rotate it from being a normal hoodie to a baby carrier hoodie
  • The variety in colors (Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Mint Green) gives you the option to choose one that best suits you!

Not expecting a child anytime soon? It’s okay, because this is the perfect thoughtful gift for that friend who has just delivered a baby.

So hurry add this to your cart!


Material: Acrylic

Size details:








40.16 inches

41.73 inches

43.31 inches

44.88 inches

46.46 inches


25.20 inches

25.59 inches

25.98 inches

26.38 inches

26.77 inches


16.54 inches

16.73 inches

17.13 inches

17.52 inches

17.72 inches


27.17 inches

27.56 inches

27.95 inches

28.35 inches

28.74 inches

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