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Baby Carrier Waist Belt

Baby Carrier Waist Belt

Baby Carrier Waist Belt

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If you’re a parent, you’d know how tiring it can get to carry your precious one around!

It’s time to relieve some muscle ache in your arms and back, while still being able to bring your little one outdoors.

This baby carrier waist belt is what you need!

  • Anti-skidding function - Keeps your baby safe at all times
  • Ergonomic design - Gives your baby the freedom to move around, he/she can face you for interaction and also face out to look at the beautiful surroundings!
  • Mesh pocket - You can even keep your baby bottle in this convenient pocket, there’s no need for an extra bag!
  • Adjustable waist strap - Find the most comfortable fit for yourself

You can now bring your little one around on adventures easily and ensure he/she is safe with you at all times!

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Suitable Age: 3 - 18 Months

Load Bearing: 18kg

Material: Cotton, Polyester


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