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Basin Pop-up Drain Filter

Basin Pop-up Drain Filter

Basin Pop-up Drain Filter

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Say goodbye to clogged up drain in your bathroom sink with the new Basin Pop-up Drain Filter! 

Modern times require modern basin drains to prevent problems inside your beautiful bathroom. 

This basin drain filter is specifically designed to prevent the drain from clogging up by collecting dirt, tissue paper, hair, jewelry and just about anything through its inner basket strainer. It is well structured and far exceeds the quality of the traditional drain. 

This requires no tools to install and you can switch it between two modes by simply pressing down the top cap. With each press you can have it store or drain water. 

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  - Product Weight:  48g
  - Material: Brass
  - Product Size: As the following pic shows
  - Package Contents: Basin Pop-up Drain Filter × 1


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