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Beverage Can Bottle Cap

Beverage Can Bottle Cap

Beverage Can Bottle Cap

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Ever enjoyed a refreshing can of coke along the beach, only to find it spilled onto the sand and surrounded by ants moments after you put it down?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could actually enjoy yourself and not have to keep a watchful eye over that can of your favourite drink?

Spill-proof your beverage can with the Beverage Can Bottle Cap!

  • No spills! – The Bottle Cap ensures that you can leave your beverage can out without having to worry about knocking it over and making a mess
  • Keep your drink safe from pests! – You can now leave your beverage can unattended and be assured that no unwanted guests would invite themselves to a sip
  • Kid friendly – You don’t have to worry about your child cutting their lip on the can as they can sip from the bottle instead!
  • No leak! – These Bottle Caps have been designed to fit tightly onto the standard beverage can so you don’t have to worry about leaks when drinking

With this Beverage Can Bottle Cap, you can forget about that beverage can and have fun with peace of mind!

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6 in a pack 

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