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Beverage Tap Dispenser

Beverage Tap Dispenser

Beverage Tap Dispenser

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Do you never trust your kids with a milk carton because you know that they will probably spill the milk all over and create a mess?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you never had to stop what you're doing to help your child pour a drink because you are assured that they can handle it on their own?

Make that dream a reality with this Beverage Tap Dispenser!

  • Easy to use! - Simply pop the Beverage Tap Dispenser over any bottle or carton, pull the side tabs down, and fill up your glass right away!
  • Fits most bottles! - From a bottle of coke to a carton of milk, you will be able to use this Dispenser to dispense any drink!
  • No spills! - You no longer have to lift up the entire bottle to pour a drink as the dispenser will pump the liquids up to fill up your glass quickly and cleanly!

With this Beverage Tap Dispenser, you will never have to worry about cleaning up spills ever again!

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