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Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun

Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun

Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun

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Sick and tired of having to chase after those pesky flies in your house, or deal with that stubborn spider on the ceiling?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you never had to run after a fly or bug ever again?

Getting rid of flies can be a blast with the Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun!

  • Easy to use – Simply load the gun with a spoonful of salt, aim and shoot at the fly
  • One shot one kill – The sheer force of one shot of the gun will kill off the fly so no more having to chase after a fly or bug with that bunch of rolled-up newspapers
  • Shoot from a distance! – Too afraid to approach a fly or tired of having it fly away as you near it? With the Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun, you can take it down from up to a metre away!
  • No mess! – A shot from the gun just knocks a fly off and it won’t explode into a million pieces, so you can simply sweep it up
  • Child-safe – The gun activates the auto-safety when cocked, and can only be fired upon the manual release of the safety catch, so you won’t have to worry about your child misusing it

With this Bug Exterminator Novelty Gun, you can finally make the extermination process a fun and less frustrating one!

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