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Bullet Flask

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There are few daily pleasures that compare to enjoying a hot drink in the middle of a road-trip, on a hunting day out, or even at work.

But wouldn't it be amazing if you had a thermos drinking flask that kept your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, while looking unique and tough?

Take a shot with this Bullet Flask!

  • Double layered insulation - This prevents heat loss or gain from your drink, so you can keep you drink warm or cold up to 7 hours!
  • Stainless steel flask - This Thermos Flask is highly durable, so you can bring it out with you into the wilderness or to the office alike!
  • Bullet tip lid - You'll never have to walk down a street and see 50 other people carrying the same silver flask ever again!
  • Find the right one for you! - With two sizes and three colors available, you will definitely find a Thermos Flask that is perfect for you!

Quench your thirst in a tough and funky way with this Bullet Flask!

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