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Camera Roll Keychain

Camera Roll Keychain

Camera Roll Keychain

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Looking for a meaningful gift for your mom, dad, sibling, girlfriend ,boyfriend or your best friend? 

Personalize it with the Camera Roll Keychain!

This is by far one of the most creative and unique gift items out there! Choose 10 of the best pictures that you have for your special someone and have it printed out on this custom film roll keychain. 

If it’s for a younger sibling, upload pictures you got while she was still a baby up until she became an adult! She will definitely love looking at those images that will bring back wonderful memories. 

This keychain will truly be a gift that will last a lifetime! Not only will it provide a space for your keys, it will also show you special moments you had with your loved ones. 

This is a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Valentines or any other special occasion! So, add this into your cart right now! 

  - Material: plastic                           
  - Weight: 300g with packaging
  - Product list: film photo album, rewinding tool, wooden box, gift bag, greeting card (with a light string, optional)
  - Customization: 10 photos + one text at the beginning + one text at the end, each text is recommended to be within 20 characters


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