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Car Scratch Repair Kit

Car Scratch Repair Kit

Car Scratch Repair Kit

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Ever found yourself walking up to your car door, only to find an unsightly light scratch etched into the paint work?

You try convincing yourself that it’s small and barely noticeable but each time you reach out for that door handle, your eyes wander to that line at the corner of the door, making you shudder in disgust.

Wipe that scar away with this Car Scratch Repair Kit!

  • Easy to use – Simply squeeze out a small amount of the cream onto the sponge and gently scrub off the scratch – and voila! Your car will be good as new!
  • No damage to your car’s paint job – You won’t have to worry about scrubbing off that immaculate paint job as the product only removes the scratch!
  • Works on other flaws as well! – This Repair Kit can also remove tar, glue and other paint defects on the paint surface

With this Car Scratch Repair Kit, you will never have to endure that ghastly scratch on your car ever again!

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