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Cat Self Grooming Tool

Cat Self Grooming Tool

Cat Self Grooming Tool

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Both you and your cat need this!

Without a doubt, cats are amazing. But there are times where they can become needy and demand for multiple massages from you.

With this Cat Self Grooming Tool, now your cat has its own personal masseuse!

Pamper your kitty cat and allow it to enjoy the full benefits of this Cat Self Grooming Tool:

  • It is made out of soft durable plastic bristles - making the product long-lasting, allowing your cat to massage itself comfortably
  • Minimizes shedding - as the tool works similarly to a comb, it is capable of collecting loose fur when your cat rubs against it, resulting in less fur lying around your house
  • Easy-access rubbing pleasures for your cat - install it at any of your cat’s favorite spots or corners in the house, by placing a double-sided adhesive or screwing it in
  • Nothing appeals more to a cat than its favourite ‘drug’ Catnips! - this tool allows you to put catnips in both sides of the brush, making the whole experience for your cat an exciting one
  • Purr-fect gift for any cat lovers because it is a tool that massages and grooms the pet!

Caught your cat seeking for your attention to massage it again? Or a ball of fur lying at your feet?

It’s time to solve these two by just getting one product - the Cat Self Grooming Tool.

Add this in your cart now and allow your cat to have endless amazing massages!

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