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Comfy Cat Bed

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Here is a bed that your cat would definitely love to knead! 

This Comfy Cat Bed is shaped like a donut, making your furry friend feel safe and warm. 

Just like humans, cats also need quality nap times. For this reason, many fur parents prefer this cat bed because its design offers a sense of security and added comfort. Moreover, its raised rim helps cats sleep more soundly and easily, thus easing any kind of anxiety. 

No worries if your cat is already approaching its senior years, for this is also made definitely for them! In fact, this pet bed has super soft filling that is intended to relieve them of muscle and joint pains. 

Make your pet cat feel special by purr-chasing this today! 

  - Cover: Cotton Plush
  - Filling: Cotton PP
  - Sizes:
      - S (16 inches in diameter)
      - M (20 inches in diameter)
      - L (23 inches in diameter)
      - XL (27 inches in diameter)
      - XL (31 inches in diameter)
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