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Compact Foldable Keyboard

Compact Foldable Keyboard

Compact Foldable Keyboard

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As much as no one enjoys having to work after leaving the office, sometimes working on the go is just inevitable.

If only there was a way to make the horrible experience a little more bearable…

Well, this Compact Foldable Keyboard is going to revolutionize the way you work!

  • Access the keyboard whenever you want! - Being lightweight, you can simply toss this compact keyboard into your work bag and use it as you travel to and from work or school!
  • Compatible with most devices! - Simply connect the keyboard to your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be able to type comfortably on the go!
  • Long working hours! - When fully charged, the keyboard works for up to 48 hours - You’ll probably only have to charge it once every two weeks!

With this Compact Foldable Keyboard, working comfortably while on the go is finally possible!

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Bluetooth Version: 3.0 
Lithium-ion Battery Capacity: 140 mAh 
Working Voltage: 3.7 V 
Standby Current: 0.25 mA 
Working Current: < 3 mA  
Working Distance: 15 m  
Keyboard Layout: 64-key  
Compatibility: iOS (no touchpad), Windows, Android, Mac

Note: Do not use while charging. Keep away from water.


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