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Contec Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

Contec Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

Contec Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

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“I could fall for you in a heartbeat” - Ken Follett

As cheesy as this quote may be yet it resonates greatly within the hearts of those who are expecting - parents to be. And nothing sounds better than hearing your own child’s heartbeat.

The Contec Fetal Heartbeat Monitor is a device that uses a probe to detect the high frequency sound waves produced by your fetus’ heart using ultrasound technology. Allowing you to bond with your unborn child, by hearing and monitoring his/her heartbeat.

This device allows you to:

  • Fetus caring and pre-monitoring - with the ultrasound technology, you are able to keep track of your fetus’ heartbeat, allowing you to have a fetal heart rate data which can be necessary for your medical check-ups
  • Hand-held device - making it extremely easy to use and bring around, no fuss given
  • 2 headphone sockets - gives you the opportunity for a complete family bonding as both the father and mother are able to hear their fetus’ heartbeat
  • FDA approved - ensuring you that the device is completely safe and there are no risk involved that will compromise your fetus’ health
  • Comes with an ultrasound gel that helps to magnify the sound waves, making your fetus heartbeat audible

The two major sounds heart in a heart are  “lub dub”.

Getting this device today, will allow you to hear your own precious child’s heart go “lub dub… lub dub…” making you feel even closer and more connected to him/her than ever.

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