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Convenient Furniture Rollers

Convenient Furniture Rollers

Convenient Furniture Rollers

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One of the most challenging tasks any person has to face when it comes to cleaning the house is moving the furniture. 

With the Convenient Furniture Rollers though, moving furniture around the house has just become less demanding! 

Truly, when you have the right tools in your hand, you can transfer your sofa, desk, bed, washing machine, cabinet or bookcase without breaking a sweat! 

This premium quality furniture moving tool is made with a steel body making it durable and safe. It’s anti-slip design also ensures to hold the furniture you are moving securely. 

Using the furniture rollers does not involve complicated steps. In fact, all you have to do is to make use of the lifter to raise the fixture you want to move and just slide the rollers into its corners to get started! 

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  - Materials: ABS, PVC, Steel
  - Package Contents: Crowbar × 1; Panel × 4
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