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Customizable Child Cuff Bracelet

Customizable Child Cuff Bracelet

Customizable Child Cuff Bracelet

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With this, you'll never need to worry about someone else having the same piece as you. Because each piece is specially designed just for you; giving you that extra touch of personalization making sure you'll definitely fall in love with this product. 

Note: Above is an example of your very own personalized product. As each piece is uniquely designed and created for you, the final product may differ from the photos shown here.

Each custom piece is created using heavier gauged metals to ensure that your piece is perfectly shaped and lasts for the duration. 

Our suppliers debur and tumble our metals so that there are no sharp or uneven edges. Each piece of jewelry will hold its shape and can be worn with ease.

This specific bracelet was created for a 5 year old to give you an idea of the size.

Each bracelet is handstamped individually. 

Personalization details: 

  • This cuff bracelet features your child's name and two hearts.


  • Dimensions: 0.25 x 5"



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