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Decorative Painting Tool

Decorative Painting Tool

Decorative Painting Tool

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Want to paint your house but not willing to spend a fortune on it?

Is it time to get your room or house repainted?

Often, many individuals end up spending a fortune getting professional painters.

However, if you are on a budget, this Decorative Painting Tool is going to be the best option for you!

With this tool, you will be well equipped to paint that wall of yours without any hassle!

  • This painting tool does not drip guaranteeing you minimal mess and cleaning up will not be frustrating at all!
  • It can hold much more paint than your regular paint brushes and rollers - up to 8 times more and 5 times more, respectively
  • Extremely convenient - the roller allows you to get in every corners and works perfectly fine on every wall regardless of texture
  • No need for masking tapes to get those perfect lines anymore - with this roller it allows you to glide around every fixtures and curves smoothly and conveniently

    What are you waiting for?!

    Save the few hundreds on getting a professional to paint because you can totally do it perfectly fine by yourself!

    With this Decorative Painting Tool, you are going to have a blast painting conveniently and efficiently.

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    Color: Green + Purple

    Material: Plastic + Sponge

    Paint Tray Size: 25 * 15.5 * 6cm / 9.84 * 6.1 * 2.36in (L * W * H)

    Package Size: 26.5 * 11.7 * 16.5cm / 10.43 * 4.6 * 6.5in (L * W * H)

    Package Weight: 490g / 17.28oz

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