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Detox Feet Pads

Detox Feet Pads

Detox Feet Pads

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There is no doubt that your self-care routine consists of a warm relaxing bath, a great skincare routine or perhaps a good read paired with a warm cup of tea.

However, you might have forgotten about your hardworking pair of feet that has been supporting you throughout the day.

Pamper your feet with these Detox Feet Pads!

Detoxing your feet helps you to...

  • Improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • Relieve muscle tension and fatigue
  • Draw out body toxins and strengthen immunity

Give your feet the love they deserve with this Detox Feet Pads!

Hurry add these into your cart and give your feet a well-deserved spa day now!


Package includes: 

5 Pairs x Detox Feet Pads


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