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Disposable Shower Caps

Disposable Shower Caps

Disposable Shower Caps

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You’ve just spent a small fortune at the salon and your hair is looking just right, so the last thing you want to do is get it damp in the shower or the bath.

What you need is some kind of protection to keep the water away from your perfect hair-style. 

Shower caps are useful for protecting your hair, but they are awkward to get dry between uses and can even start to smell slightly from being constantly nearly wet.

Let these disposable shower caps keep your hair looking salon perfect day after day!

  • Clear plastic shower caps are elasticated for a firm hold on your head while you are bathing
  • No need to worry about drying afterwards, or any lingering stale damp aromas getting near your hair
  • Small enough to fit in your wallet to take with you any where just in case of those unexpected weather storms
  • Perfect for holding your hair away from your face when applying or removing make-up or during face cleansing

You never need to worry about loosing that salon perfect, hair-style when you always have a shower caps close at hand.

For simple hair protection without the hassle, add these shower caps to your basket now.


Each packet consist of 100 pieces.

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