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DIY Car Windscreen Repair Kit

DIY Car Windscreen Repair Kit

DIY Car Windscreen Repair Kit

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You see it coming towards you as you drive along the highway!

The small stone that is flying up and about to hit your windshield.

You hear the crack and you know that you have a scratch or small hole in the glass.

The damage might only be small, but if you leave it untreated it can weaken the glass and the whole window could fail at any time in the future.

Getting a repair done professionally can be expensive and time consuming, but what else can you do?

Introducing the DIY Car Windscreen Repair Kit!

  • Kit includes complete instructions on how to treat your windshield damage
  • Suitable for star, horse-shoe and bullseye type chips
  • Kit includes repair resin and multiple curing strips, so you can fix more than one chip
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to fix the damage which is far less than trying to find a mechanic and arrange an appointment
  • Easy to store in the car for quick access as the kit takes up only a small amount of room

There’s no more need to get expensive professional repairs for windshield cracks when you own this DIY car windscreen repair kit.

Add this kit to your shopping cart now and be prepared for any future car glass damage.

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