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Double Spring Fishing Bracket

Double Spring Fishing Bracket

Double Spring Fishing Bracket

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Apart from your fishing rod and reel, you are missing something from your fishing packing list!

You are missing out the Double Spring Fishing Bracket which will guarantee you a comfortable fishing trip.

Being alert and paying close attention to the rod is an important aspect about fishing. But sometimes it can get tiring to constantly stare at the rod, and if you happen to take a nap or not pay attention to it, you might miss out on a great catch.

The bracket will be a great assistant, allowing you to sit back, relax and not worry anymore!

How does the Double Spring Fishing Bracket work?

  • Automatic - the second there is a fish rising up to the hook, it will pull your rod up and together with the springs, it will upspring naturally allowing you to catch the fish easily
  • Adjustable - you can change the sensitivity level according to your own preferences (little, normal and extreme sensitivity)
  • Lightweight and small - promising you it will not be bulky or troublesome to bring along
  • High quality - it is made out of stainless steel metal ensuring you its durability and resistance
  • Made for you to get a great and large catch by being able to withstand a maximum tension of 110 pounds!

With this, your fishing trip will be a whole different experience, and you are bound to get a great catch!

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43 x 6 CM


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