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Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter

Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter

Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter

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Have you ever felt frustrated because you can never clean up those hard to reach corners in your house?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a tool that could help you reach into all these areas, and help you keep each and every square inch of your house looking spotlessly clean?

This Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter is just what you need!

  • Perfect for hard to reach areas! - The multiple long, flexible and thin suction tubes will help you clean your blinds, air vents and even those fragile chandeliers!
  • Gentle and effective cleaning! - You can dust around small objects without having to remove them out of the container - isn’t that so convenient?
  • Use it with any vacuum cleaner! - With a universal vacuum adapter, you can attach this Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter to any vacuum cleaner and get cleaning!

With this Dust Trapping Vacuum Adapter, you can finally clean every single nook and cranny in your house!

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Size: 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

Package includes: 1 x Brush, 1 x Universal Vacuum Adapter


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