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Eco Food Preservation Tray

Eco Food Preservation Tray

Eco Food Preservation Tray

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Every time you cook something, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most of the time, you are going to deal with leftovers. Throwing it away is not a good idea, thus, you need to store it inside your refrigerator. 

But is simply storing it on a plate, tin foil or cling film the best way to do it? 

The answer to that question is a big No! 

This because the Eco Food Preservation Tray is here! 

This tray is designed to ensure that your food would stay fresh longer! It has a super resistant film lid that ensures the freshness of your food by keeping it airtight. With no air going in and out of the tray, your food is perfectly sealed inside of it! 

Whether you need to store fruits, fresh meat, fish, fruits or vegetables this tray can definitely accommodate them. Gone are the days when you constantly have to purchase tin foil and cling film. All you have to do is to wash the tray each time you are done using them.    

Don’t forget that they can be stacked easily. Meaning, your refrigerator will definitely become more organized with the use of this food tray!

Wouldn’t you want a reusable, compact, stackable, leak-proof, eco-friendly food preservation tray? Add this to your cart today!  

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