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Educational Magnetic Blocks

Educational Magnetic Blocks

Educational Magnetic Blocks

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Did you know there is a strong relation between a child’s early stages of development and the level of success he/she will experience when he/she grows up?

The cognitive development of a child is extremely important in shaping his/her mind and it is highly influenced by how the child learns, acquires knowledge and interacts with his/her surroundings.

As a parent, you are the first and most important teacher to stimulate active learning that influences your child’s cognitive development in the areas of concentration, attention & perception.

One of the most practical way to nurture your child’s cognitive development is practicing shapes and colors, making this Educational Magnetic Blocks a perfect toy for your child to boost start that!

The perfect educational toy for your child:

  • There are 7 different shapes and 6 different colors, your child will be able to recognize the difference between all, expanding his/her knowledge on shapes and colors which will further enhance his/her cognitive development
  • No sharp corners - making it extremely safe for your kid, you do not need to worry about the toy scratching or cutting your kid
  • Every block is magnetic making it extremely easy for your child to dismantle or build, ensuring you that the toy is not too complicated for your child
  • The magnetic blocks is capable of creating two or three dimensionals models to design objects like vehicles, ferris wheels, airplanes, buildings, and animals etc.
  • With 100 over pieces in each box, the potential to produce different models is endless, allowing your child to explore infinitely and empowering him/her to be as creative and innovative as possible

Your child deserves the best education and this toy is perfect for nurturing him/her.

Hurry add this to your cart and enhance his/her cognitive development!

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