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Electric Plush Slippers

Electric Plush Slippers

Electric Plush Slippers

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Ever had to wrap yourself up in a thick jacket at work in the freezing office but still have (literally) cold feet?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could slip your freezing feet into a soft, heated cushion and stay snug and warm all day long?

Shiver no more with these Electric Plush Slippers!

  • Easy to use – Simply slip these slippers on, plug them into a USB port on your computer and they will warm up almost immediately, keeping your feet snug and warm
  • A comfortable worker is a happy worker! – Not only will they keep your feet warm, these slippers are also so soft and comfortable that you can wear them around the office all day
  • Long cord provided - You will be able to shift your feet around comfortably even while the slippers are connected to your computer
  • Stay warm everywhere! – The detachable front allows you to keep your feet warm even when you leave your desk

With these Electric Plush Slippers, your feet will never have to feel frosty at work again!

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Size: 27 x 14 cm

Operates on safe and reliable 5 volt USB power

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