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Electric Shoe Dryer

Electric Shoe Dryer

Electric Shoe Dryer

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Getting the inside of your footwear or running shoes dry can be a process of trial and fail!

Mother taught you to hang them above a radiator over-night, while father taught you to stuff them with newspaper. 

However you do it, you know that it is likely that the next time you use them you will feel that unwelcome dampness as your foot enters the shoe.

Until now that is.

Electric Shoe Dryers dry from the Inside out!

  • Unlike most traditional shoe drying methods, this shoe-dryer actually puts the heat source where it is needed – right inside the shoe
  • The dryer is electrically powered and sends a gentle heat throughout the inside of the foot-wear, drying out the hardest to reach areas – all the way to the toes
  • Simple shaped heaters fit inside most standard adult shoe sizes
  • Can be used to dry out sodden shoes from bad weather or just eliminating dampness from body sweat
  • Use to freshen up all your shoes after every day of use

Putting your foot inside damp or wet shoes is probably one of the most uncomfortable things you can do in the morning.

Forget radiators and paper, show your parents the best way to dry out shoes by adding these shoe dryers to your basket now!

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