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Extendable Microfiber Cleaner

Extendable Microfiber Cleaner

Extendable Microfiber Cleaner

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Experiencing back aches cleaning every nook and corner of your house?

With this extendable microfiber cleaner, cleaning will be pain free!

Your house will be sparkling clean with minimal strain on your body, and in a shorter amount of time!

  • Collapsible handle allows you to alter the length to suit your comfort while cleaning
  • Microfiber pad picks up tiny specks of dust
  • 360 degree swivel action makes cleaning so convenient!

Take away the strain on your back, use this instead!

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  • 360 degree swivel-action head design allows you to clean from any angle
  • Retractable handle saves space for easy storage
  • Use it wet or dry!
  • Brush size: 0.36" x 0.26" x 0.04"  (11cm x 8cm x 1.5cm) (L*W*H)
  • Product Material: Aluminum + Plastic + Ultra-fine fiber mats
  • Suitable for baseboard, doorcase, desk, floor, etc.
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