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Fabric Hopscotch Play Mat

Fabric Hopscotch Play Mat

Fabric Hopscotch Play Mat

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Your kids love to play hopscotch outside!

But you can’t always bring them out to play and you don’t feel safe leaving them alone…

Well, then this Fabric Hopscotch Play Mat is what you need!

  • Great indoor play! - Simply place it in your kids room and they can have great fun even without going outside!
  • Ultimate comfort - Made out of soft and breathable cotton, your kid can play on this mat comfortably!
  • Easy to set up - The mat is foldable and lightweight, which means you can move it around and place it anywhere you want without any heavy lifting!

Your kids can now enjoy play time in the safety of your own home!

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Material: Cotton
Size: 170 x 72 cm / 66.98 x 28.37 inches


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