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Fingerlings Interactive Monkey

Fingerlings Interactive Monkey

Fingerlings Interactive Monkey

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Has your child ever begged you to get a dog or cat?

Getting a pet is a huge commitment and massive change in lifestyle, it is something that not everyone is capable of handling such responsibility. Even if you were to get a pet for your child, he/she might not be able to take care of it properly.

Well, look no further because this Fingerlings Interactive Monkey is the perfect pet for your child! Yes, this interactive toy is going to his/her new favourite pet.

It is way better than your regular toys, it is a smart toy that can make up to 40 different sounds that responds according to the position that it is in and how you interact with it.

This little monkey has 6 different interactive modes, all bound to surprise you:

  • Blow it a kiss and hear it smooch right back at you
  • Pet its head to give it some tender loving care and it will respond with soft cooing sounds and happy eye blinks
  • Let it hug your finger or the side of your notebook or table, to make it feel safe and close to you
  • Rock it to sleep by cradling it in your hands
  • Mischief - hang it upside down and hear it laugh hysterically
  • Tap its head once or twice to see it react differently

This monkey is almost as good as a living pet!

By purchasing this Fingerlings Interactive Monkey, you will be able to fulfil your children’s dream of owning a pet.

It is the best of both worlds because your child will be extremely happy and they get to learn the basics of owning a pet.

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