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Flexible Banana Tripod

Flexible Banana Tripod

Flexible Banana Tripod

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How many times did you not manage to take a photo or video with that picturesque background because you had no tripod or there was no one capable of taking that perfect shot you had in mind?

It’s time to not let yourself down anymore or dwell on that wasted opportunity to take that perfect shot with this Flexible Banana Pod!

Ensuring Endless Opportunities To Get The Perfect Angle:

  • Better than your regular tripods - its high quality metal and silicone allow you to bend it according to your preference and environment
  • 360 degree rotation means you are able to secure the right angle with your device
  • Compatibility - suitable for your smartphones, digital cameras, and GoPro, making this flexible banana pod an all-rounder because it can fit any devices!
  • Lightweight & portable - making it convenient for you to bring it everywhere as it is not bulky
  • Suitable for any surfaces - mount it literally anywhere you want - bike, handlebar, car headrest, table, tree

You will be surprised at how useful this Flexible Banana Pod is. It can also act as a stand for you to watch your favourite shows without having to hold on your phone.

Add this to your cart now and you will realize you just got yourself a new everyday necessity!



Length: 42 cm

Weight: 120 g

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